TSP2 certification exams will be offered at the National Pavement Conference.


Pavement preservation plays a critical role in safeguarding America’s highway system from the detrimental effects of sun, water, and ever increasing traffic.  Pavement preservation is a pillar of sound asset management and ensures that the overall condition of the road network can be sustained at a desired level.  Therefore, the successful placement and performance of pavement preservation treatments has a dramatic impact on long-term financial planning and the ability of agencies to achieve their pavement condition goals cost-effectively.

In recent years, a substantial number of agencies have adopted a pavement preservation philosophy to keep good pavements in good condition.  However, many agencies and contractors lack the proper knowledge and work experience in placing the pavement preservation treatments available today.  Consequently, successful construction and performance reliability are greatly dependent on expertise that is simply lacking.  Often, unnecessary failures occur that could easily be prevented with the recognition of targeted training and implementation of certification programs for pavement preservation treatments.

A training and certification program demonstrates that employees involved in the construction and inspection of preservation treatments possess the necessary competencies to ensure successful pavement preservation treatments.  Certification is granted through passing an in person examination.  Specific details for agency employees, contractor employees, and contractor companies are described through the links below. The program is not related to, nor will it infringe on, any prequalification program required by an agency. The AASHTO TSP•2 program currently provides a certification for Slurry Systems, Chip Seals and Fog Seals, and Crack Treatments.

For more information please visit the TSP2 Certification page.

To register for a certification exam please visit the Registration Page and select the “National Pavement Preservation Conference – Indianapolis, IN” location.