Regional Sessions


Plenary Sessions

Day Topic Speaker Presentation
Monday P1-1 NCPP Welcome and Update Bouzid Choubane PDF / YouTube
Monday P1-2 Indiana DOT Welcome Mike Smith PDF / YouTube
Monday P1-3 FHWA Division Welcome Jermaine Hannon PDF / YouTube
Monday P1-4 Keynote Speaker George Conner PDF / YouTube
Monday P1-5 FP2 Sorenson Award Mark Ishee PDF / YouTube
Monday P1-6 ISSA AEMA ARRA Update Rick Church PDF / YouTube
Monday P1-7 ACPA Update Stephen Friess PDF / YouTube
Monday P1-8 National Asphalt Paving Alliance Update Richard Willis PDF
Monday P1-9 Concrete Pavement Technology Center Update Dan King PDF / YouTube
Monday P1-11 NACE Update Stephen McCall PDF / YouTube
Monday P1-12 FHWA Preservation Perspective Latoya Johnson PDF / YouTube
Wednesday P2-1 NCAT Preservation Field Test Findings Adriana Vargas PDF / YouTube
Wednesday P2-2 MnROAD Preservation Field Test Findings Jerry Geib PDF / YouTube
Wednesday P2-3 Impacts of Local Agency Efforts in Pavement Asset Management Pat Conner PDF / YouTube
Wednesday P2-4 Field Demonstration Overview Todd Shields PDF
Thursday P3-1 Pavement Preservation Pooled Fund (PG3) Future Ben Worel PDF / YouTube
Thursday P3-2 FHWA Preservation Strategic Plan Jason Dietz PDF / YouTube
Thursday P3-3 FP2 Vision Ahead Rick Church PDF / YouTube
Thursday P3-4 Powell Ask the Expert Panel Discussion Buzz Powell PDF / YouTube
Thursday P3-4 Scofield Ask the Expert Panel Discussion Larry Scofield PDF
Thursday P3-5 TSP2 Oversight Panel Introduction George Conner PDF
Thursday P3-6 Green MPPP Regional Partnership Updates Rob Green, Michigan DOT PDF
Thursday P3-6 Norton NEPPP Regional Partnership Updates Steve Norton, Connecticut DOT PDF
Thursday P3-6 Shive SEPPP Regional Partnership Updates Chade Shive, Kentucky TC PDF / YouTube
Thursday P3-6 Robertson RMWPPP Regional Partnership Updates Kevin Robertson, Arizona DOT YouTube
Thursday P3-7 Closing Remarks Gary Hicks PDF / YouTube

Technical Sessions

Advancing the Practice

Session Topic Speaker Presentation
Workforce Development TA-1 Workforce Development Gary Houston PDF
Workforce Development TA-2 Workforce Development Strategies Kierstin Janik PDF
Workforce Development TA-3 Pavement Preservation College Curriculum Andrew Braham PDF
Workforce Development TA-4 CCPIC Training Program Gary Hicks PDF
Improving State TA-6 NCHRP 9-63 National Performance Spec for Emulsified Asphalt Binder Mike Anderson PDF
Improving State TA-7 NCHRP 20-44 Implementing Construction Guide Specs Rex Eberly PDF
Improving State TA-8 Polymer Modified Slurry Seal A115 Spec Chuck Ingram PDF
Training TA-9 Development of an SPS-2 Pavement Preservation Experiment Ding Cheng PDF
Training TA-10 Pavement Preservation Academy Ding Cheng PDF
Training TA-11 Preservation and Pavement Management Training for Small Agencies Travis Walbeck PDF
Sustainability TA-12 Sustainable Pavements Program Migdalia Carrion PDF
Sustainability TA-13 Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Concrete Pavements Through Preservation Thomas Van Dam PDF
Sustainability TA-14 Environmentally Beneficial Paving Additives Michael Durante PDF

Data and Analysis

Session Topic Speaker Presentation
Pavement Condition Data TD-1 PCI vs. Individual Distresses David Peshkin PDF
Pavement Condition Data TD-2 Washington DOT State of the Practice Karen Strauss PDF
Pavement Condition Data TD-3 Pavement Data Management and Decision Making Magdy Mikhail PDF
Pavement Management TD-4 Pavement Management FHWA Perspective Jason Dietz PDF
Pavement Management TD-5 UDOT Perspective on Pavement Management Data Jason Simmons PDF
Pavement Management TD-6 I-77 Corridor Pavement Management Case Study Neil Mastin PDF
Pavement Management TD-7 Enhancing New Hampshire’s Road Infrastructure Management Through SADES RSMS Chris Dowd PDF
Safer Pavement Surfaces TD-8 Relationship Between IRI and Vehicle Dynamic Response to Road Roughness Steve Karamihas PDF
Safer Pavement Surfaces TD-9 Surface Characteristics John Senger PDF
Safer Pavement Surfaces TD-10 Friction Characteristics David Merritt PDF
Performance TD-11 Maine DOT Data Collection and Analysis James Havu PDF
Performance TD-12 Indiana DOT 20 Year Plan Jason Lowther PDF


Session Topic Speaker Presentation
Pavement Preservation Basics TF-1 Overview of the Asphalt Preservation Toolbox Stan Williams PDF
Pavement Preservation Basics TF-2 Overview of the Concrete Preservation Toolbox Larry Scofield PDF
Pavement Preservation Basics TF-3 Overview of the Recycling Toolbox Steve Cross PDF
Asphalt Emulsion Basics TF-4 Overview of Asphalt Emulsions Sallie Houston PDF
Asphalt Emulsion Basics TF-5 Use of Polymers in Asphalt Emulsions Arlis Kadrmas PDF
Asphalt Emulsion Basics TF-6 Asphalt Emulsions for Flexible Pavement Treatments Scott Metcalf PDF
Establishing an Effective Program TF-7 Getting Started in Preservation – County Perspective Lance Malburg PDF
Establishing an Effective Program TF-8 City of Bend Oregon Preservation Story Chuck Swann PDF
Establishing an Effective Program TF-9 Managing Local Streets and Roads Through StreetSaver Program Sui Tan PDF
Training, Cert, Nat’l Databases TF-10 Laboratory Monitoring Using AASHTO Accreditation Brian Johnson PDF
Training, Cert, Nat’l Databases TF-11 National Pavement Preservation Certifications – What’s in it for me Rex Eberly PDF
Training, Cert, Nat’l Databases TF-12 Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Training Program Chad Shive PDF
Training, Cert, Nat’l Databases TF-13 NTPEP Results on Preservation Products Katheryn Malusky PDF

Materials and Pavement

Session Topic Speaker Presentation
Use of Asphalt Emulsion TM-1 Emulsion Chemistry Kelly Morse PDF
Use of Asphalt Emulsion TM-2 Latest Advancements in Emulsions Dan Swiertz PDF
Use of Asphalt Emulsion TM-3 Use of Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Binders Rod Birdsall PDF
Concrete Preservation TM-4 Performance Engineered Mixtures Dan King PDF
Concrete Preservation TM-5 Concrete Pavement Restoration with Partial Depth Repair Gordy Bruhn PDF
Concrete Preservation TM-6 NTPEP Test Deck Performance Katheryn Malusky PDF
New Approaches TM-7 Environmental Product Declarations – HMA Treatments Andrew Braham PDF
New Approaches TM-8 Environmental Product Declarations – Concrete Treatments Brian Killingsworth PDF
New Approaches TM-9 Innovative Pavement Options for Resiliency Jim Pappas PDF
Recycling TM-10 NCHRP 14-43 Guide Specs for CIR and CCPR Brian Diefenderfer PDF
Recycling TM-11 NCHRP 9-62, Rapid Tests and Specifications for Construction of Asphalt-Treated Cold Recycled Pavements Brian Diefenderfer PDF
Recycling TM-12 Optimizing Design Decisions and Construction Procedures for Full-Depth Recycling David Jones PDF
Recycling TM-13 Characterizing Cold Recycled Pavements from Field-Sampled Cores Megan Yount PDF